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Summer is here and your fitness routine is about to get a lot more adventurous. Access to good weather means you can officially move your focus from the gym to the water.

We’ve covered paddleboard yoga, but it’s time to take it a step farther. Surf yoga. Don’t worry, I don’t mean yoga on surfboards. That would be dangerous. I’m talking about a yoga practice that helps improve your surfing skills, of course!

Why should surfers do yoga? Surfing requires a great deal of core strength and balance to be successful. Yoga just happens to build core strength and balance when used regularly. So, it stands to reason that yoga and surfing are a match made in heaven.

Here are 6 poses you can add to your practice to improve your surfing skills.

Improve Your Balance

Tree Pose:  Tree pose is a standing pose executed on a single leg. Stretching your arms overhead in this pose helps to elongate your spine and forces you to concentrate on various aspects of your own body in order to maintain your balance.

Crow Pose: Considered tough for beginner yogis, crow pose actually requires balancing on your arms instead of your legs. This is extremely useful when attempting to pull off an epic surf stunt, or to avoid being thrown when caught by surprise!

Warrior 3: Warrior 3 is another one-legged standing pose. It is similar to tree pose in that it focuses on balance and elongation simultaneously, but it is a bit more challenging. The straight-backed, forward lean in the pose adds a bit of core weight to your balancing act.

Improve Your Core Strength

Locust Pose: This particular pose is a back strengthener, making it extremely helpful for all levels of surfers. Locust mimics the position of your body while paddling. You can choose to practice locust as a single, stationary pose or you can raise and lower opposite arms and legs to feel a bit of a stretch while you strengthen.

Boat Pose: Boat pose is, for our intents and purposes, the opposite of locust. It focuses on strengthening the front side of your core: the abdomen. A strong abdominal section is crucial to surfers, as it serves as an anchor for balance. Bonus! Boat pose is excellent for increasing focus.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose: Although it may look relatively easy, four-limbed staff pose is no joke. This single pose helps to strengthen your back, your front, and your triceps all at once. It strongly resembles the critical position most surfers take on prior to their pop-up. Try entering this pose as part of a coordinated flow, then work your up to holding it in a static form over time.