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I still get asked how Mr. Maxey “caught” me for a wife.

Everybody knows for my first 37 years of life; I declared the only way you’d see me getting married was if I was wearing black and had Tattoo (from Fantasy Island) as my Best Man ready to shout for escape if need be, “Da Plane! Da Plane!”*

Well, for Valentine’s Day in 2010, Mr. Maxey and I were kayaking through a Bird Sanctuary. Mr. Maxey mentioned he had been thinking about marriage. He said he had looked up the cost of weddings and remarked it was the price of a good boat. I rightfully agreed and thought the matter was closed.

A short while later I heard, “If we get married, wouldn’t you rather have a new boat then a stupid wedding?” I said, “Who wouldn’t? I’d rather have a boat in any scenario you could possibly propose!” I heard him quietly mumble, “I thought so” from behind me. Again, I thought the discussion was over.

We paddled on for a while and then he asked, “Wouldn’t it be much smarter instead of having a dumb wedding that only happens once, to have a boat named ‘Our Wedding Day’ and then every time you take it out you get to have another wedding day?” I said to him, “That is the most logical thing I have ever heard from a person about getting married.”

Mr. Maxey then pulled out a ring and said those four little words.

I replied, “Boat? No wedding?”

He nodded.

I excitedly reached out to him, and he reached out to me. During that beautiful, once in a lifetime moment, our hands collided with our hearts and a couple of Ospreys took flight. We were surprised out of our reverie, and the ring flew out of our hands directly into the river by the shore. We spent the next 3 hours, as dusk was rapidly approaching, digging through the muck and mud searching desperately for my incredible diamond ring. As the sun began to set, and my tears continued to flow, my now husband found the ring. I jumped up and down so much I almost knocked him over, and we almost lost the ring again!

Carin Maxey - Wedding rings (1)

These are our wedding rings. My engagement ring is in the center, the exact ring we almost lost in the river that day! And, the jewelry my hubby gave me to wear when we got married.

We were covered in marsh mud and coated so heavily that you could practically see only the whites of our eyes and our smiles when our kayak finally made it back home. The smell of the marsh mud was unimaginable and disgusting, but we didn’t care. We were engaged and in love and had the same dream for a future together.

Three months later we were eloping, standing barefoot on the beach, on an exotic tropical island. I’ve had my ‘Wedding Day’ ever since! Wink, wink! (Even if each of our subsequent boats had a different name A.K.A. The Maxey Pad I-V.)

*Yes, my old friends never get tired of sending me the Miss Dior runaway bride clip…