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Carin Maxey

Water Sports & Yoga

About Carin

Every hard working professional needs an escape and a way to rejuvenate outside of work. For Carin Maxey, a lawyer based in Jacksonville, Florida, watersports help her stay fit, focused, and stress-free. From the moment that Carin could walk, her legs carried her to the water. By the age of five, Carin was already water skiing almost every weekend at a nearby lake. Watersports are such an essential part of her life that Carin can’t imagine living in any location that’s not close to a body of water. Whether it’s kayaking, surfing, or paddle boarding, as long as she’s in the water, Carin is happy.

Carin Maxey enjoys attempting any watersport. In her youth, she spent most sunny days wakeboarding or surfing. Then, as a young adult Carin and her friends had an event called “Wakeboard Wednesdays.” Every Wednesday, weather permitting, the group would get together and go wakeboarding after work. In fact, Carin met her husband while wakeboarding with her friends. Today, Carin mostly focuses on paddle boarding and kayaking. Back when Carin was dating her Husband, he proposed while they were kayaking in a bird sanctuary! Nowadays, she is interested in spending more time surfing on foilboards. A foilboard looks like a standard surfboard, but it has a foil attached to the bottom of the board. Some foilboards even have motors attached to the foil so that riders can really get around.

Watersports can be very demanding on the body. Carin was a dancer and cheerleader from when she was a toddler through college. After college, Carin Maxey has continued the development of her movements and has concentrated on practicing yoga which helps the body stay long, lean, and strong. While paddle boarding seems like it only targets the arms, Carin is quick to point out how much the sport works the core. Carin typically paddleboards 3-4 times a week. Carin’s asserts her 6-mile paddles keep her healthy, strong and in shape.

Carin’s favorite time to get in the water is during the morning before work. Over the years Carin and her husband have been on many watersport trips. Costa Rica and Hawaii, in particular, are two of Carin’s favorite destinations for surfing and paddle boarding. For the past 15 years, Carin has lived on the water so it is only steps out her back door for her to take a paddle! Since Carin and her husband live in Southern Florida, it only takes them forty-five minutes to travel to the Bahamas by boat—a trip that they often take. As long as the destination is tropical, Carin is happy to pack her bags and go on an adventure.

Watersports have taught Carin Maxey a lot of life lessons, but one lesson, in particular, stands out: no matter how good you are, you can always fall. Often, what knocks you down is beyond your control, so there’s no way to prevent it. In watersports, just like in real life, it’s never easy to get up after falling and usually takes a little muscle. However, getting up is the only way to learn and to continue to grow.

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