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I love the water. Any activity that gets me out on the ocean is one that I’m willing to try, and I thought I’d tried almost all of them! As it turns out, I was wrong.

It had come to my attention recently that there might be a few unique watersports out there that I hadn’t yet dabbled in, so I did a bit of research. What I found out is that there are a whole host of weird watersports I’ve yet to discover. And if I, an avid water enthusiast, haven’t tried them…you probably haven’t either!

Ranging from simple to extreme, here are 5 watersports you probably haven’t tried!


Yes, horse-surfing exists and it looks marvelous! It’s similar to kiteboarding except that there’s a horse pulling you along instead of a boat or jetski. On average, the horse should reach top speeds of about 25 mph, so you’re not sacrificing thrills…just engine fumes. It’s important to note that this watersport requires two people: one to surf and one to steer!

Snuba Diving

A bit milder than horse-surfing, snuba diving is the latest craze in underwater exploration. A combination of snorkeling and scuba diving, snuba diving is a pressure-free way to experience sights up to 20 feet below the surface without having to come back up for air or carry heavy equipment. Your oxygen mask is connected to a hose, which is supported by a lightweight raft sitting on top of the water. This means the entire setup is relatively portable.

Spinnaker Flying

This particular watersport actually takes place in the air. Spinnakers are typically used as boat sails, but someone has found a way to turn them into fun in the sun. You start by orienting the sail in a specific way (bottom to water, top to mast), and securely attaching yourself to the portion in the water. From there, all you have to do is wait. When a gust of wind comes along, it will fill the sail and you will be lifted from the water into the sky.

Flyboarding & Flybiking

I grouped these two unique watersports together because they seem to go hand in hand. They are both forms of water-fueled jetpacks. The flyboard is most easily compared to a hoverboard that is securely attached to some sort of water vehicle. It’s a similar balancing act, only your board is being lifted by jets of water as opposed to jets of air.

The flybike is more akin to a bicycle without wheels. In fact, there are jets of water where the wheels should be. It has pedals like a bicycle, but they aren’t used for steering. They are used to increase or decrease the water pressure instead.  Once you’ve mastered staying on, the flybike can help you execute a wide range of cycle stunts usually reserved for big air jumps.