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Yoga has many different benefits to offer people; some of which are increased flexibility and muscle strength, improved respiration and cardiac health, as well as building a stronger mental health. For some, it’s hard to find the right fit when they’re beginning their yoga lifestyle, whether it be their instructor, the intensity level, or simply the wrong variant of yoga. If you’re looking for a way to switch up your workout routine, I suggest grabbing a friend and giving acro yoga a try.

Acro yoga is a combination of acrobatics and yoga. When someone mentions acrobatics, our minds often go to the extreme, such as flips and stunts you would only see on the stage of Cirque du Soleil. However, acro yoga is a much less intimidating form of acrobatics. Incorporating acrobatics into yoga creates a whole new practice that can better your mind, body, and spirit. Here are a few reasons I found that make acro yoga so great.

Increased Core Strength
Having a strong core is not only going to make you a better yogi, it’s going to help you in all things you do physically. A strong core can improve your posture, take away lower back pain, and give you better balance. Acro yoga requires a strong core to perform many of the poses, whether you’re in the base or the flyer position.

Become Stronger
Acro yoga combinations require you to hold up not only your own body weight, but also the weight of your partner. As the base partner, you’ll see the same results as if you were in a gym doing press exercises such as the bench press and leg press. Acro yoga adds an additional challenge to these exercise than if you were using traditional weights because you also have account for your flyers ever changing center of gravity. As a flyer, your pressing exercises resemble that of handstands, wall sits, and planks.

Better Technique
Mastering yoga parallels with understanding where your body is in space. When you add the dynamic of acrobatics to yoga, you’re no longer practicing on a concrete environment. Becoming aware of how your body moves in tandem with your partner’s body will teach you better control and more importantly, help you learn when you’re properly aligned and when you’re not.

Acro yoga can seem intimidating but don’t let that fear stand in your way of trying something new! Start with a beginners class which work on very simple, doable positions. If you stick with it, you’ll find yourself conquering the more advanced moves in no time.

Carin Maxey - acro yoga